Leading Change, Self-Assessment, and Professional Development Plan



The purpose of this discussion is to complete a self-assessment of your readiness for project implementation and identify a professional development plan to help you gain the skills needed for effective implementation of your project.(Nursing Project Implementation Plan Discussion Essay)

Nursing Project Implementation Plan Discussion Essay


Review this week’s readings and provide your response in 150 words or less: 

  1. State your practice question in PICOT format.(Nursing Project Implementation Plan Discussion Essay)
  2. Complete a self-assessment of your project management skills in readiness for project implementation. Identify areas of additional education or skill needed to lead change and oversee your project implementation.
  3. Propose a professional development plan for how you will achieve these skills.(Nursing Project Implementation Plan Discussion Essay)

Use Grammarly and current APA format for the posts. Do not repeat the prompts in the post. Provide respectful and thought-provoking feedback to your student colleagues and ask for clarification and elaboration if needed.

Please click on the following link to review the DNP Discussion Guidelines on the Student Resource Center program page:

Course Outcomes

This discussion enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate effective project management strategies. (POs 2, 3, 6, 7, 8)
  2. Explore the contribution of the DNP within collaborative teams across diverse healthcare systems. (PO 1)

Nursing Project Implementation Plan Discussion Essay

The practice question for The DNP project is, “In adults with a history of Schizophrenia (P) in the inpatient setting, does the implementation of technology with motivational interviewing (I), compared with current practice (C), impact medication non-adherence (O) in 8-10 weeks (T)?” Based on the self-assessment of my project management skills in readiness for the DNP project implementation, I have a relatively proper understanding of some of the important project management principles crucial for the DNP project implementation. I recognize the significance of communication skills, decision-making, crisis management, and delegation in a DNP project implementation (Spencer, 2019). Besides, I acknowledge the need for self-reliance, teamwork, and collaboration in project management.(Nursing Project Implementation Plan Discussion Essay)

Nevertheless, some areas may need additional education or skills development. One such area is to improve my ability to handle conflicts and manage team dynamics. In this project, I will interact with different nurses and participants with varied cultural beliefs, norms, and attitudes that may be barriers or facilitators to the project implementation. Moreover, I need to enhance my knowledge of project planning, budgeting, and risk management. Adequate planning for the project will be crucial for seamless implementation. Equally, knowledge of risk management will be crucial in handling participants dropping out of the project. Lastly, I will benefit from training on leadership and motivation, which will be crucial in organizing the participants and motivating them to participate in the project and deliver their roles as required without coercion.

I plan to attend leadership and decision-making workshops or seminars to enhance my skills in making effective decisions and leading project teams. Leadership is a crucial competence among DNP students and vital in facilitating systems thinking in implementing quality improvement interventions in healthcare settings (Wright et al., 2022). Moreover, I plan to take part in team-building activities and take online courses on project planning and management, risk management, and communication skills to enhance my competence in resolving conflicts, using appropriate project management tools and techniques, identifying and mitigating risks, and communicating effectively to participants and other project team members.(Nursing Project Implementation Plan Discussion Essay)

Nursing Project Implementation Plan Discussion Essay


Spencer, T. A. M. M. Y. (2019). The DNP project—the essentials. Leadership and systems improvement for the DNP.(Nursing Project Implementation Plan Discussion Essay)

Wright, R., Lee, Y. J., Yoo, A., McIltrot, K., VanGraafeiland, B., Saylor, M. A., … & Han, H. R. (2022). Doctor of Nursing Practice project: key challenges and possible solutions. Journal of Professional Nursing41, 53-57. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.profnurs.2022.04.004

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the professional development plan?

The purpose of a professional development plan is to outline a structured approach for an individual’s ongoing growth and improvement within their career. It serves as a roadmap to identify specific skills, knowledge, and competencies that need enhancement, and sets measurable goals and actionable steps to achieve them. By systematically addressing areas for development, the plan empowers individuals to stay relevant in their field, advance their expertise, and achieve professional success. Additionally, it enables organizations to align employee growth with organizational objectives, fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation.(Nursing Project Implementation Plan Discussion Essay)

What is a readiness assessment in project management?

A readiness assessment in project management is a systematic evaluation conducted before initiating a project to gauge an organization’s preparedness to undertake the project successfully. It involves analyzing factors such as the organization’s resources, capabilities, stakeholders’ commitment, and existing processes. The assessment helps identify potential risks, gaps, and challenges that could hinder project execution. By determining readiness levels, project managers can make informed decisions, allocate resources effectively, and develop strategies to enhance project success(Nursing Project Implementation Plan Discussion Essay)

Why do I need to write my individual personal and professional development plan because?

Writing your individual personal and professional development plan is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it provides a clear roadmap for your growth, helping you set specific goals and milestones. Secondly, it enhances self-awareness by prompting you to reflect on your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Thirdly, it increases accountability as you track your progress and make necessary adjustments. Lastly, having a well-structured plan boosts your overall success potential by fostering continuous learning and enabling you to seize opportunities aligned with your aspirations.(Nursing Project Implementation Plan Discussion Essay)

What are four 4 features of a good professional development plan?

A strong professional development plan should be tailored to individual goals and needs, fostering continuous learning and skill enhancement. It should offer a mix of formal and informal learning opportunities, including workshops, mentoring, and self-paced online courses. Regular assessment and feedback mechanisms are vital to track progress and adapt the plan as necessary, ensuring relevance and effectiveness. Lastly, a successful plan should align with both personal aspirations and the strategic objectives of the organization, promoting career growth and contributing to overall success.(Nursing Project Implementation Plan Discussion Essay)

Nursing Project Implementation Plan Discussion Essay

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