Personal and Professional Accountability in Nursing

This article provides a essay sample solution about Personal and Professional Accountability in Nursing, Career planning, Personal journey disciplines , and Reflective practice reference behaviors/tenets.

(Personal and Professional Accountability in Nursing)

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Sample Question – Personal and Professional Accountability in Nursing

Rate yourself using the results from the “Nurse Manager Skills Inventory”:

Write a personal reflection ,identifying your strengths and weaknesses in context to the four content areas indicated below

  1. Personal and professional accountability
  2. Career planning(Personal and Professional Accountability in Nursing)
  3. Personal journey disciplines
  4. Reflective practice reference behaviors/tenets

Discuss how you would apply your current leadership skill set to advocate for change in your workplace. Identify one personal goal for your leadership growth and discuss your implementation plan to achieve that goal.

While APA format not necessary, you are obliged to use   academic writing including in-text citations and references in APA format

Sample Answer – Personal and Professional Accountability in Nursing

Nursing leadership skills play a critical role in influencing career development of nurses and the performance of the entire healthcare system. Nurse leaders have refined skills set, which is defined by several characteristics, such as being an influential operator, a strategic thinker, able to develop nursing knowledge and a reflexive thinker in addition to being a process consultant (Antrobus & Kitson, 2009). Being knowledgeable about one’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial in developing nursing leadership qualities. This paper is a personal reflection that critically examines my current skill set to advocate for change in the workplace.(Personal and Professional Accountability in Nursing)

Personal and professional accountability is a critical component of nursing leadership skill set.   In involves several aspects, which includes personal growth and development, certification, ethical behavior and practice and involvement with professional associations (“Nurse manager skill inventory”). My strengths in regard to professional and personal accountability  includes robust ethical behavior and practice and being actively involved in various nursing professional organizations in my state of residence. Moreover, I’m actively involved in advancing my nursing education by the virtue of having enrolled for BSN and progressing successfully in my academic and clinical evaluations. However, being not certified nurse is one of my main weaknesses. Certification entails being qualified and certified by the relevant professional body to practice in particular specialty.(Personal and Professional Accountability in Nursing)

Career planning is a vital component of creating a leader in me and it involves several aspects. These include being knowledgeable about one’s role as a nurse, knowing ones future in as far as your career in nursing is involved and positioning oneself properly to facilitate envisioned career development in nursing(“Nurse manager skill inventory”). From these aspects, my strengths are being knowledgeable about my current job descriptions relative to the current level of nursing practice. Moreover, I have planned to become a professional nurse, specializing in mental health. This will require certification by the relevant professional organization and obtaining a practicing license. One of my weaknesses in this regard is that I’m yet to position myself properly, to enhance my adaptability in my chosen career path.(Personal and Professional Accountability in Nursing)

Personal journey disciplines are skills that enable one to develop individual strengths of a leader (“Nurse manager skill inventory”). They include shared leadership, action learning and reflective practice. My strengths in this regard are action learning and reflective practice, while shared leadership is the main weakness. Action planning involves the ability to work in small teams to resolve actual problem by taking action and learning in the process (“Nurse manager skill inventory”). Reflective practice as my strength  is characterized by being knowledgeable and deliberate in practicing reflection as a leadership behavior. However, my weakness in shared leadership is demonstrable in my inability to organize and manage councils that promote shared leadership. (Personal and Professional Accountability in Nursing)

Reflective practice reference behaviors involve application of various guidelines and tenets that promote reflective practice (“Nurse manager skill inventory”).  Some of the tenets that guide personal reflection include holding the truth, appreciating ambiguity, embracing diversity, being nonjudgmental discovering potential skill in members of staff and colleagues. In addition being inquisitive and perpetually searching for new knowledge and information as well as creating balance between my personal, social and spiritual needs are crucial for reflective practice reference(“Nurse manager skill inventory”). My strengths in this regard include being truthful, being non judgmental, appreciating diversity and also having unquenchable desire to pursue new knowledge relevant to my profession and other areas. However, my weakness is in investing in myself by maintaining a balance between my social and professional life.(Personal and Professional Accountability in Nursing)

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Personal and Professional Accountability in Nursing
Personal and Professional Accountability in Nursing

Some of specific changes that I would advocate in my work place include application of information technology in maintaining health records and introducing telemedicine to enhance the quality of healthcare services offered to patients in distant locations and those unable to commute to the hospital. Use of information technology in maintaining health records will make work easier for nurses to follow-up on the patient progress. Introducing telemedicine will also enable my organization to serve more patients and more effectively without inconveniencing them through travel. To lead these changes, I would use my skill set of being powerful in influencing my colleagues and empowering them to take and embrace new technology. Strategic thinking as my skill set would be applied in creating meaning and facilitating learning for the new changes in the nursing fraternity.(Personal and Professional Accountability in Nursing)

A critical reflection on my strengths and weaknesses in regard to developing leadership and advocacy in my profession demonstrates the need to improve on various aspects of growth. These include career planning, and certification. In regard to certification, I plan to pursue and complete my bachelor of nursing degree. Then study and sit for the nursing board examinations to qualify as a registered nurse. This goal will be accomplished within the stipulated time required for completion of the standard BSN program.(Personal and Professional Accountability in Nursing)


Antrobus, S., & Kitson, A.(2009). Nursing leadership: influencing and shaping health policy and nursing practice. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 29(3): 746-753.

-“Nurse manager skill inventory”. [Online]. Available from, Accessed on 21 January 2017.

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(Personal and Professional Accountability in Nursing)

What is personal and professional accountability?

Individual responsibility involves taking ownership of one’s choices, actions, and results in life, both personally and in a career setting. This encompasses recognizing obligations and bearing the outcomes, whether advantageous or disadvantageous. In a professional context, accountability pertains to fulfilling duties and commitments within a work environment, including tasks, accomplishments, and effects on coworkers, customers, and the company. Cultivating these attributes is crucial for building confidence, advancement, and prosperity in one’s personal and vocational domains.(Personal and Professional Accountability in Nursing)

What are examples of professional accountability in nursing process?

Professional responsibility within the nursing process involves the fulfillment of duties by nurses to guarantee high-quality patient care. This comprises precise recording of patient details and treatment strategies, strict adherence to proven protocols and medical recommendations, clear and efficient communication with multidisciplinary groups, and ongoing enhancement of proficiencies to ensure secure and proficient care provision. Furthermore, nurses bear the responsibility of safeguarding patient privileges, upholding confidentiality, and promptly disclosing any potential errors or issues that might affect patient welfare.(Personal and Professional Accountability in Nursing)

What is the importance of professional accountability and responsibility?

Maintaining a strong sense of professional accountability and responsibility is essential for upholding ethical standards and fostering trust in diverse domains. This approach guarantees that both individuals and entities are held answerable for their choices, deeds, and consequences of their undertakings. By adhering to these principles, transparency is fortified, credibility is bolstered, and a culture of distinction is cultivated. Ultimately, the dedication to professional accountability and responsibility augments the overall eminence of services, commodities, and interactions, all while prioritizing the welfare of stakeholders and the general public.(Personal and Professional Accountability in Nursing)

What are personal and professional values in nursing?

Personal values in nursing pertain to an individual’s private beliefs and moral compass, influencing their choices and conduct outside of work. These values are shaped by personal experiences and cultural background, molding the nurse’s overall perspective.(Personal and Professional Accountability in Nursing)

Professional values in nursing encompass the fundamental principles and ethics that steer a nurse’s decisions and actions within their professional sphere. These values consist of concepts like patient-focused care, honesty, empathy, and advocacy. They provide the groundwork for upholding superior patient care, effective collaboration with healthcare peers, and principled engagement in the nursing vocation.(Personal and Professional Accountability in Nursing)

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