Individuals, firms, governments, and countries are faced with choices because all resources are scarce. A production possibility curve (see below) measures the maximum combination of outputs that can be achieved from a given number of inputs. In practice economists use a production possibility curve with two goods to explain the concept of opportunity cost. In the example below the two goods that a country can produce are health care and education. Units of Health Care Units of Education Please Use the graph thats in the attachment for the following questions:In the attachment please scroll down to Essay Question. a. How many units can be produced if a country uses all of its resources on health care? b. How many units can be produced if a country uses all of its resources on education? c. If a country is currently producing 11 units of health care and 16 units of education, what is the opportunity cost of producing 5 more units of education? While a production possibility curve describes the possible combinations of output that can be produced with a given set of inputs, it does not tell us who should receive, and in what amount, the health care and education that gets produced. Individual Assignment: Private and Public Criminal Investigation Comparison Paper • Research major differences between public criminal investigations and private security investigations. • Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper identifying the major differences between public criminal investigations and investigators and their private security counterparts. Include the following in your comparison: o The differences and similarities between sectors, including the methods of operation during criminal investigations and the chain of command. o At least two situations where private and public investigators must interact. • Identify sources of information, both unique and common, to each sector. • Explain scientific methods used by both sectors to investigate crimes. o Identify challenges or potential issues of investigations that cross jurisdictions. o Provide an example of an actual case that highlights aspects of both security and criminal investigations based on your comparison.

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