Resume Writing-Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example

Ywgeah O’Reilly, R.N.

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Dedicated and compassionate Nurse with over ten years of working experience, most recently with Hospice patients. Proven ability to provide direct patient care in a fast-paced environment and stepped up to the demands of caring for COVID parents at the peak of the pandemic. Calm, compassionate, and level-headed with the ability to handle challenging patients in high stressed conditions.(Resume Writing-Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

Outstanding critical thought process and business acumen working successfully with provider services prioritizing patient and team members’ safety. Proficient clinical analytical skills and meticulously documenting results, records, and chart maintenance.(Resume Writing-Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

Resume Writing-Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example


  • State of Florida License #RN 9432241 current through 04-2024.
  • State of New York License #632837-1 current through 11-2022
  • American Heart Association BLS certified current through 07-2024
  • American Heart Association ACLS certified current through 07-2024


  • Medical/Clinical knowledge: Medicare and business acumen for valued-driven results.
  • Medical Evaluation: Chart review ensures efficient litigation support and valuable medical insight.
  • Relationship Management: Managed care working with Network and Provider services.(Resume Writing-Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)
  • Communication: Presentation of clinical/non-clinical content to cross-functional personnel across organizational levels.
  • Risk and Resolution Management: Problem-solving and analysis to drive strategic insights across business units for appropriate decisions.
  • MS Office Suite moderate to advanced Excel and PowerPoint skills.


  • Ability to meet high-quality standards, analytical skills, teamwork, and self-initiative.
  • Ability to maintain efficiency, tackle responsibilities, and maintain an organized workplace.
  • Passion for the nursing practice(Resume Writing-Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)


Registered Nurse,

Acadia Healthcare-Park Royal Hospital                                                             July 2021 – Present 

  • Provide and coordinate care by assessing physical and behavioral health needs, developing and implementing nursing care plans, maintaining medical records, and educating patients and their families about various physical and behavioral health conditions.(Resume Writing-Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)
  • Provide nursing care and services within the standards and scope of nursing practice as defined within the state’s Nurse Practice Act regulations, policies, procedures, and protocols, as well as facility and corporate policies and procedures.
  • Ensure physician’s orders are legible if taken verbally and transcribed appropriately per policy and procedure.
  • Ensure patient’s status is assessed on an ongoing basis, and pertinent information is documented.
  • Collaborate with others to ensure that all patients’ physical, biopsychosocial, age, developmental, and cultural needs are met, and when they are not met, acknowledge and work to resolve customer complaints.
  • Notify physician of significant changes in status such as difficulties with detox, medical emergency, or change in medical status regarding response to medications, etc.(Resume Writing-Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)
  • Ensure that nursing treatment plans are specific to assessed needs and that the initial treatment plan is completed upon admission.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and utilization of universal precautions in providing direct patient care.
  • Accurately administer medications per ordered note and document accurate count of controlled substance medication administration on required documents.
  • Responsible for completing admission and discharge processed efficiently and accurately as directed.
  • Exhibit therapeutic rapport with patients by maintaining professional boundaries, respecting personal space, giving patients direct attention, and maintaining rational detachment.(Resume Writing-Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)
  • Provide direction or coordinate the activities of the unit as directed.
  • Communicate therapeutically and professionally with patients, visitors, co-workers, and others effectively during patient treatment.

Registered Nurse,

Lee Health System, Cape Coral                                                                   March 2017 – July 2021

  • Accountable for the safe delivery and documentation of patient care through assessment, diagnosing, planning, implementation, and evaluation. 
  • Utilized critical thinking, management, and problem-solving skills to determine patient care levels from urgent to standard care in alignment with industry protocols.(Resume Writing-Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)
  • Collaborated with other professional disciplines to ensure effective and efficient patient care delivery, making adjustments to engage the target audience and achieve desired patient outcomes. 
  • Mentored and guided staff in the procedures for the standards of care that resulted in high-resolution efficiency resolutions and continual growth as an individual and a team.
  • Leveraged the knowledge of the patient’s age and cultural diversity to provide sensitive care while keeping the patient engaged and informed appropriately. Results in the patient being more cooperative and trusting.
  • Conducted RANKIN scores assessments for patients with stroke while diligently observing physical abilities and any notable changes.(Resume Writing-Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)
  • Monitored patients for hemodynamic changes.
  • Executing patient admissions to the unit with an NIHSS assessment with CVA
  • Planned and executed patient screening for MRI, CT SCAN, and X-rays.
  • Administered medication as per Medical Director’s orders while updating all pertinent records.

Skilled Nursing, 

Gulf Coast Village, Cape Coral                                                                    July 2016 – March 2017                                                                                                                                                         

  • Managed a “Memory Care Unit,” ensuring sensitive care and efficiency per policies and protocols.
  • Coordinated, monitored, and evaluated standards of care for 20 residents applying and facilitating remedial action when required.
  • Mentored staff in the procedures for the standards of care, prepared detailed status reports for patients, and identified risks, particularly unusual or unique changes in conditions.   
  • Provided oversight to resources and medicinal supplies to ensure cost-effectiveness and efficiency in the home’s daily operations.(Resume Writing-Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)
  • Calculated and executed drug and PPD tests.
  • Assessed patients’ mental and physical abnormalities to administer the appropriate medication.
  • Engaged and communicated with the primary physician and provided any administrative nursing support.

Registered Nurse Cancer Care, 

MSKCC Hospital, NY                                                                                June 2014 – May 2016           

  • Provided direct assistance to the Operating Physician with surgical tasks, including hemostasis, suturing, and patient positioning for laparotomy, laparoscopic and robotic surgery.
  • Managed and mentored teams in the policies and protocols of standard care, ensuring detailed and accurate records for every patient.
  • Executed scrub functions with a highly organized approach selecting and handling instruments to maintain the highest standards of sterility.(Resume Writing-Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)
  • Diligently monitored and recorded patient conditions noting any changes.
  • Engaged patients with sensitivity to provide outstanding care before, during, and after procedures, including education, diet, and nutrition.
  • Prepared operating rooms, ensuring tools were systematically laid out and supplies were adequate, allowing for consistent, accurate execution of surgeries.

Registered Nurse, Charge RN -Behavioral Health

Bellevue Hospital, NY                                                                                    Oct 2011 – May 2014           

  • Acted as a team lead in crisis management situations; patients that acted out against self or peers whose safety could be significantly compromised.
  • Accountable for 19-28 patients; administered specialized care to multiple psychiatric needs: manic, schizophrenia, bipolar, drug/alcohol withdrawal, suicidal and violent behaviors.
  • Executed patient assessments to develop, implement and evaluate customized care plans subject to the patient’s changing health needs.
  • Engaged in patient engagement in the education of their total care plan results in higher patient rehabilitation success rates.(Resume Writing-Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)
  • Rotated as Charge Nurse for psychiatric unit overseeing staff members and participating in team/unit meetings.
  • Performed technical aspects of psychiatric analysis, assessed, recorded therapy results, and administered all medications, including all narcotics, standing orders, STAT, & PRNs as PO or IM, SQ route.
  • Finely honed skills that monitored patients’ progress and developed discharge plans to include health & nutrition instruction.
  • Maintained meticulous records, charts, and documentation.

Office Manager,

Plastic Surgery in Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY                                                      Jan 2004 – Jun 2005

  • Coordinated, organized, and scheduled patients for surgery, resolving conflicting timelines.
  • Prepared medical billing and relevant correspondence that ensured appropriate follow-up.
  • Provided patients with relevant pre-and post-op care instructions per doctor’s orders.(Resume Writing-Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)
  • Managed and maintained a database of patient information, along with the inventory of all surgical and office supplies


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus, 2005 – 2010.
  • Associate Degree in Physical Therapy, La Guardia Community College, 1996 – 1998.
  • Health Sciences, Hunter College, (85 pre-requisites credits completed) 1998 – 2002.(Resume Writing-Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)
  • Master’s degree program for Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner certification 202-to present


  • Completed 12.0 Contact hours in Case Management, 2013.             
  • Completed 200 hours of clinical practice in the L&D Unit at Bellevue Hospital, 2010.
  • Completed 125 hours of leadership internship in ICU Burn Unit, 2009.
  • Completed one-year internship in Critical Care Unit – Cardiac ICU, 2008.(Resume Writing-Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)
  • Completed 250 hours of Oncology internship at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, 2008.
  • Completed a 250-hour clinical practice in the Psych Unit at New York   Presbyterian Hospital in 2008.


  • Ester Siegel School of Nursing Leadership Award, 2010.


  • In my spare time, I am actively involved in volunteer activities, particularly community health education. I also read and watch documentaries on community health.(Resume Writing-Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)
Resume Writing-Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example






Resume Writing-Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example
Resume Writing-Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example

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