Here’s a SOAP Note sample for PMHNPs that scored 20/20 as the Unit 14 Assignment – Clinical: SOAP Note. Use it as a guide when writing your SOAP note, or let our nursing writers do your SOAP note for you.

(SOAP note sample)

Unit 14 Assignment – Clinical: SOAP Note (SOAP note plan example)


Every other week students will choose one patient encounter to submit a Follow-up SOAP note for review.

Follow the rubric to develop your SOAP notes for this term.

The focus is on your ability to integrate your subjective and objective information gathering into formulation of diagnoses and development of patient-centered, evidence-based plans of care for patients of all ages with multiple, complex mental health conditions. At the end of this term, your SOAP notes will have demonstrated your knowledge of evidence-based practice, clinical expertise, and patient/family preferences as expected for an independent nurse practitioner incorporating psychotherapy into practice.

Clinical SOAP Note Sample

Client ID:  Initials: BR, AGE: 67, Demographic: Caucasian, Gender: F


Chief complaint: BR complains of “forgetfulness and sluggishness.”

Source of reliability: The reliability of information is good. The caregiver is an adult in the right state of mind.

Present illness: BR complains of persistent forgetfulness and sluggishness. She notes that she had an accident 30 years ago that claimed his spouse’s life. She had brain surgery following the trauma. Although she experienced memory lapses, she fully recovered. The caregiver reports that BR cannot remember common words and communicate appropriately. Sometimes, she forgets where she kept her mobile phone, my name, and the days of the week. She admits to being a chronic alcohol addict but has since stope due to her memory issues. She becomes irritated and aggressive whenever she cannot remember “stuff.”(SOAP note sample)

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Current psych meds:  None reported.

Past Psychiatric Hx: No psychiatric diagnosis or hospitalization.

Past Medical Hx: No reported respiratory, CV, GI, CNS, GU, or MSK issues.

Surgical history: Brain surgery following an accident.

Allergies: NKFDA

Substance use/abuse: Chronic alcohol and tobacco abuse.

Past family, social history:

Family psych hx: Widowed for the past 30 years. Has three male children, alive and well.

Social Hx: Normal upbringing. Liked partying and drank heavily. Never driven while drunk. Education/Employment/Disability: High school diploma. Worked as a bartender and bar manager. No disability.(SOAP note sample)

Primary support system: Children.

Hobbies: Gardening.

Review of systems (ROS):

Constitutional: No fever or chills

Eyes: Vision intact.

ENT: Hearing and sense of smell intact. No difficulty swallowing.  

Skin: No itchiness or rash.

Cardiovascular: No chest pain/discomfort.

Respiratory: Normal heart rate. No dyspnea.

GI: Reports loss of appetite. Denies n/v/. No abdominal pain.

GU:  No burning urination. No Pregnancy. Last menstrual period, 09/02/2021.

MSK: On and off joint pain. No swelling.

Neurologic: No seizures or numbness. Knee weakness when intoxicated.

Endocrine: No polyuria.


Vital Signs: Stable

Temp: 98.9 F, BP: 118/75, HR: 71, R: 17, O2: 92, Ht: 5’5’’, Wt: 120lbs, BMI: 20 kg/m2

Appearance: Well dressed. Fair eye contact.

Attitude/interaction: Calm and withdrawn.

Activity level/behavior: In acute psychological distress. Present: psychomotor retardation or agitation.

Orientation: Appears disoriented.(SOAP note sample)

Speech: Repetitive and slow.

Thought content/process/perception: Thoughtform and content is scattered. Has poor perception.

Mood/affect: Mood stated as depressed. Appears blunted and restricted.

Judgment/insight/cognitive/memory: Poor judgment and insight. Memory is below average.  Experience difficulty with abstract thought.

Attention: Limited attention and concentration (SOAP note plan example)

Physical Exam:

Abdomen: Normal abdominal symmetry. Tenderness on the lower right abdomen.

Musculoskeletal: Full ROM in all extremities. No edema, clubbing, or effusion. (Unit 14 Assignment – Clinical: SOAP Note (SOAP note plan example)(SOAP note sample)


UDS: Negative.

Tox screen: Positive

Here are SOAP Notes For Mental Health Examples


  1. Mild neurocognitive disorder (NCD) due to Alzheimer’s disease with behavioral disturbance. ICD-10 code is F02.81.  BR presents symptoms synonymous with individuals diagnosed with NCDs due to Alzheimer’s disease. These symptoms include a gradual progression of cognition, learning, and memory impairment (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). Moreover, BR does not prevent any other neurodegenerative or cerebral illness likely to contribute to cognitive decline. This is the primary diagnosis.(SOAP note sample)
  2. Alcohol-induced mild neurocognitive disorder with behavioral disturbances. ICD-10 code is FI 0.988. BR neurocognitive impairment symptoms persist beyond the period of intoxication and withdrawal, indicating a possible substance-induced neurocognitive impairment (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). This diagnosis is refuted.
  3. Mild neurocognitive disorder due to Parkinson’s disease with behavioral disturbances. ICD-10 code is (F02.81. BR presents symptoms of NCD not attributed to other medical conditions and shows signs of gradual progression of impairment crucial for NCD diagnosis (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). However, PD symptoms do not precede NCD. This diagnosis is refuted.(SOAP note sample)
  4. Mild neurocognitive disorder due to traumatic brain injury. ICD-10 code is F02.81. BR meets the criteria for NCD and presents amnesia, disorientation, and confusion crucial for diagnosis of NCD with traumatic brain injury (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). However, BR does not have a history of loss of consciousness, and the symptoms do not present following a traumatic brain injury or recovery. This diagnosis is refuted.
  5. Mild Vascular Neurocognitive Disorder with behavioral disturbance. ICD-10 code is F01.51. BR symptoms meet the diagnostic criteria for NCD and present symptoms such as cognitive deficits and slow speech (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). However, BR does not have a history of cerebrovascular disease, and the symptoms are not consistent with vascular etiology crucial for vascular NCD diagnosis. This diagnosis is refuted.(SOAP note sample)


Treatment Goals:

  • Enhance memory and cognition
  • Minimize wandering behavior
  • Establish a safe living environment
  • Enhance patient’s speech and understanding

Here’s a ADHD SOAP Note Example

Treatment Plan:

Start donepezil 10 mg PO QD and memantine 5 mg PO BDS to improve cognition. Donepezil effectively enhances patients’ social and cognitive function in patients with mild-moderate Alzheimer’s dementia (Birks & Harvey, 2018). A combination of donepezil and memantine provides more significant cognitive, behavioral, and psychological symptoms in dementia patients with moderate-severe Alzheimer’s Disease (Chen et al., 2017). Maintain a safe environment and routine activities for BR and utilize pen and paper to communicate. Involving the patient and family members or the primary caregiver is crucial in making medical decisions, appropriate care, and maintaining autonomy (Whitlatch & Orsulic-Jeras, 2018). Visit GT, a psychotherapist for memory training, physical exercise programs, and psychological and social stimulation to enhance memory and cognition (Carrion et al., 2018).(SOAP note sample)

(SOAP note sample)

Here’s a SOAP Note sample for PMHNPs that scored 20/20 as the Unit 14 Assignment – Clinical: SOAP Note. Use it as a guide when writing your SOAP note, or let our nursing writers do your SOAP note for you.

Next Visit: One week. For further assessment and recommendation.

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Here’s a SOAP Note sample for PMHNPs that scored 20/20 as the Unit 14 Assignment – Clinical: SOAP Note. Use it as a guide when writing your SOAP note, or let our nursing writers do your SOAP note for you.

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