This article covers Discussion: Strengths Finder Assessment.

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Discussion: Strengths Finder Assessment.

Discussion: Strengths Finder Assessment.

Please provide a brief description of your results from the Strengths Finder assessment below based on your self-assessment results. Then, based on the results of your Strengths Finder assessment, briefly describe two core values, two strengths, and two characteristics that you would like to strengthen.(Strengths Finder Assessment)
Make your points clear.

Do you believe you have the traits to be an effective leader? Perhaps you are already in a supervisory role, but as has been discussed previously, appointment does not guarantee leadership skills.(Strengths Finder Assessment)

How can you evaluate your own leadership skills and behaviors from the assessment that you completed? And please identify your personal strengths, which have been shown to improve motivation, engagement, and academic self-conference. Through this assessment, you will discover your top five themes—which you can reflect upon and use to leverage your talents for optimal success and examine how the results relate to your leadership traits. In addition, RANK STRENGTH(Strengths Finder Assessment)

The outcomes of the StrengthsFinder assessment

Every individual has discernible leadership strengths, areas in which he or she thrives or excels.
However, most people fail to recognize their own strengths.
As a result, many people either use their strengths ineffectively or fail to use them at all.
Completing a Gallup strength finder assessment can assist people in identifying their areas of strength.
An individual’s strengths are crucial to his or her personality (Northouse, 2017).
The top five signature themes of talents that emerged after completing the Clifton strengths finder assessment were achiever, empathy, responsibility, positivity, and harmony.(Strengths Finder Assessment)
NURS 6053 Discussion Essay on Your Leadership Profile

The achiever theme helps me to explain my motivation.
As an achiever, I always make a tangible accomplishment at the end of the day to make myself feel good.
Empathy means that I can sense the emotions of those around me and assist them in expressing theirs.
Harmony denotes my ability to live in harmony with other people.(Strengths Finder Assessment)

Because I believe that there is nothing good to be gained from friction and conflict, I try to keep conflicts to a minimum.
Positivity implies that I look for the positive in any situation and do my best to avoid negativity regardless of the setbacks I face.
The theme of responsibility compels me to take ownership of everything I commit to, and I feel psychologically obligated to see them through to completion NURS 6053 Your Leadership Profile discussion essay.(Strengths Finder Assessment)

I’d like to improve my strengths, core values, and characteristics.

Communication and relator are two skills I’d like to improve.
Strengths are derived from having specific talents and then further developing these talents through additional practice, skills, and knowledge (Northouse, 2017).
I can hone my ability to be an excellent communicator by learning about the challenges of effective communication and enlisting the assistance of a communications expert to help me develop public communication skills.
When someone has the strength in relator, they have a profound relational capability to develop relationships with everyone.
I can accomplish this by creating an environment conducive to the formation of strong relationships.
I can create an appropriate environment for team members to form close, trusting, and honest relationships by strengthening the relator theme.(Strengths Finder Assessment)

Communication and relationship building are two skills that I would like to improve.
As a nurse leader, I must be capable of and manage relationships with a large number of people because teamwork and collaboration are critical in providing quality care.(Strengths Finder Assessment)
Effective communication is essential for the management of any relationship, but it is especially important for a nurse leader who is required to engage in a variety of relationships.
According to Yoost and Crawford (2015), communication is the foundation of nursing practice.
Communication skills are essential for the nurse’s and any other nurse’s job.(Strengths Finder Assessment)

6053 NURSE
Your discussion essay for the Leadership Profile.
The nurse can obtain information, convey a plan, assign and assess a care plan by developing good communication skills.
The nurse interacts with and builds relationships with coworkers, patients and their families, as well as other healthcare professionals and leaders.(Strengths Finder Assessment)
Relationship building and effective communication are both essential for progressing toward and achieving a common goal, as well as resolving conflicts.

I would like to strengthen two core values: altruism and human dignity.
Altruism is concerned with the well-being and welfare of others.
Altruism is reflected in professional nursing practice by the nurse’s advocacy and concern for the well-being of patients, colleagues, and other providers.
Integrity entails adhering to the code of ethics and practice standards (Murray, 2017).
When I strengthen my altruistic core values, I will offer support to my followers and encourage them to act ethically when providing care and to develop caring relationships with one another and with the patients.
NURS 6053 Discussion Essay on Your Leadership Profile(Strengths Finder Assessment)


P. Northouse (2017).
Leadership Concepts and Practice is an introduction to leadership concepts and practice.
SAGE, Thousand Oaks, California.

E. Murray (2017).
Nursing Management and Leadership: Improving Patient Safety and Quality of Care
F. A. Davis, Philadelphia, PA.

B. Yoost and L. Crawford (2015).
Nursing Fundamentals – E-Book: Active Learning for Collaborative Practice
Elsevier Health Sciences, New York.




People who are especially talented in the Individualization theme are intrigued with the unique qualities of each person. They have a gift for figuring out how people who are different can work together productively.




People who are especially talented in the Ideation theme are fascinated by ideas. They are able to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena.


People who are especially talented in the Achiever theme have a great deal of stamina and work hard. They take great satisfaction from being busy and productive.



People who are especially talented in the Competition theme measure their progress against the performance of others. They strive to win first place and revel in contests.

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Strengths Finder Assessment.
Strengths Finder Assessment.




People who are especially talented in the Learner theme have a great desire to learn and want to continuously improve. In particular, the process of learning, rather than the outcome, excites them.

Your paper must be proofread.
However, do not rely solely on your computer’s spell-checker and grammar-checker; failure to do so indicates a lack of effort on your part, and your grade will suffer as a result.
Papers with a high number of misspelled words and grammatical errors will be penalized.
Before handing in your paper, go over it in silence and then aloud, making any necessary corrections.
It is often beneficial to have a friend proofread your paper for obvious errors.
Uncorrected mistakes are preferable to handwritten corrections.

Use a standard 10 to 12 point typeface (10 to 12 characters per inch).
Smaller or compressed type, as well as papers with narrow margins or single spacing, are difficult to read.
It is preferable to allow your essay to exceed the recommended number of pages rather than attempting to compress it into fewer pages.

Large type, large margins, large indentations, triple-spacing, increased leading (space between lines), increased kerning (space between letters), and other such attempts at “padding” to increase the length of a paper are also unacceptable, wasteful of trees, and will not fool your professor.

The paper must be formatted neatly, double-spaced, and with a one-inch margin on the top, bottom, and sides of each page.
When submitting hard copies, make sure to use white paper and dark ink.
It will be difficult to follow your argument if it is difficult to read your essay.


Discussion Questions (DQ)

  • Initial responses to the DQ should address all components of the questions asked, include a minimum of one scholarly source, and be at least 250 words.
  • Successful responses are substantive (i.e., add something new to the discussion, engage others in the discussion, well-developed idea) and include at least one scholarly source.
  • One or two sentence responses, simple statements of agreement or “good post,” and responses that are off-topic will not count as substantive. Substantive responses should be at least 150 words.
  • I encourage you to incorporate the readings from the week (as applicable) into your responses.

Weekly Participation

  • Your initial responses to the mandatory DQ do not count toward participation and are graded separately.
  • In addition to the DQ responses, you must post at least one reply to peers (or me) on three separate days, for a total of three replies.
  • Participation posts do not require a scholarly source/citation (unless you cite someone else’s work).
  • Part of your weekly participation includes viewing the weekly announcement and attesting to watching it in the comments. These announcements are made to ensure you understand everything that is due during the week.

APA Format and Writing Quality

  • Familiarize yourself with APA format and practice using it correctly. It is used for most writing assignments for your degree. Visit the Writing Center in the Student Success Center, under the Resources tab in LoudCloud for APA paper templates, citation examples, tips, etc. Points will be deducted for poor use of APA format or absence of APA format (if required).
  • Cite all sources of information! When in doubt, cite the source. Paraphrasing also requires a citation.
  • I highly recommend using the APA Publication Manual, 6th edition.

Use of Direct Quotes

  • I discourage overutilization of direct quotes in DQs and assignments at the Masters’ level and deduct points accordingly.
  • As Masters’ level students, it is important that you be able to critically analyze and interpret information from journal articles and other resources. Simply restating someone else’s words does not demonstrate an understanding of the content or critical analysis of the content.
  • It is best to paraphrase content and cite your source.

LopesWrite Policy

  • For assignments that need to be submitted to LopesWrite, please be sure you have received your report and Similarity Index (SI) percentage BEFORE you do a “final submit” to me.
  • Once you have received your report, please review it. This report will show you grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors that can easily be fixed. Take the extra few minutes to review instead of getting counted off for these mistakes.
  • Review your similarities. Did you forget to cite something? Did you not paraphrase well enough? Is your paper made up of someone else’s thoughts more than your own?
  • Visit the Writing Center in the Student Success Center, under the Resources tab in LoudCloud for tips on improving your paper and SI score.

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Strengths Finder Assessment.
Strengths Finder Assessment.

Late Policy

  • The university’s policy on late assignments is 10% penalty PER DAY LATE. This also applies to late DQ replies.
  • Please communicate with me if you anticipate having to submit an assignment late. I am happy to be flexible, with advance notice. We may be able to work out an extension based on extenuating circumstances.
  • If you do not communicate with me before submitting an assignment late, the GCU late policy will be in effect.
  • I do not accept assignments that are two or more weeks late unless we have worked out an extension.
  • As per policy, no assignments are accepted after the last day of class. Any assignment submitted after midnight on the last day of class will not be accepted for grading.


  • Communication is so very important. There are multiple ways to communicate with me:
    • Questions to Instructor Forum: This is a great place to ask course content or assignment questions. If you have a question, there is a good chance one of your peers does as well. This is a public forum for the class.
    • Individual Forum: This is a private forum to ask me questions or send me messages. This will be checked at least once every 24 hours.


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