Summative Assignment.


Graduate-school portfolios may be utilized for a variety of purposes, including as career or professional portfolios, assessment portfolios, or developmental portfolios.  The portfolio developed for this course will combine elements of a professional portfolio and an assessment portfolio, allowing students an opportunity to create an electronic portfolio demonstrating their mastery of each of the program learning outcomes as well as prepare necessary documents for future career opportunities in their current field or others. 


This week you will polish the portfolio you have been building throughout this course and write a reflective essay.

Portfolio Requirements

Career Portfolio Elements

  • Personal Introduction: Who are you? Describe in one paragraph your strengths, interests, and experiences that make you a unique and valuable employee. This might look much like the introduction used on LinkedIn. This would be an appropriate place to use pictures to create a more interesting portfolio.
  • Professional Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume: Be sure that you have updated your resume or CV to reflect your status as a doctoral student. Please note, it is never appropriate to add the degree to your name until AFTER you have graduated. While you may see people list PhD, ABD, this is not appropriate and should not be used. You may, however, add your expected date or year of graduation.
  • Highlight specific field-related experience, philosophy, or other information. If you are in education or are interested in teaching in the future, you might list your teaching philosophy here. For psychology, you may list your areas of specialization. You may also choose to highlight any specialized training or certification you possess.

Summative Portfolio Elements

  • Utilize each of your program learning outcomes as headers for this area of the portfolio. Provide a minimum of two polished and corrected artifacts that demonstrate how you have met each of the program learning outcomes to date.

Reflective Essay

Write a 1,050-1,750-word (three-five page) essay that includes the following:

  • A concise explanation of what you have learned from assignments you selected for your portfolio and how this matches your selected program learning outcome
  • Five key lessons you have learned throughout your studies to date at Ashford University
  • A description about how you can apply or have already applied the knowledge that you have learned in current or anticipated professional practice and future research
  • Your goals, thoughts, and areas of focus for your upcoming dissertation or applied research project
  • References

Summative Assignment

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