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Film Analysis
Choose from the following film Titles.
Unnatural causes- In sickness and in Wealth
Deadly Deception
Unnatural Causes. When the Bough Breaks
Unnatural Causes. Place Matters
Fat Sick and Nearly Dead
Club Med-Medical Tourism
Medicating Kids
Money Driven Medicine
Vaccine Wars
Business of Being Born
Sick Around the World
One film analysis is required.
A film analysis is not a simple review or summary of the plot- it should go deeper into analysis and reaction. It should discuss the issues raised by the film address the films importance and purpose state reactions to the content and quality of the film and connect it to ideas of medical sociology. It should be a minimum of 3 pages and include EACH of the following (in any order you choose).
1. Describe the film in general terms. What issues does it raise? What are the major theme(s) of the film? Describe the setting. What do you see as the main purpose of the film?
2. Relate the film to class lectures/discussions readings notes and your own previous knowledge. Did the film contradict or support anything you have learned? Did it serve to reinforce/ change your ideas in any way?
3. Conclude by summarizing briefly emphasizing the strengths and weaknesses of the film.

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