The Life of Su Buqing.

twelve point font, proper headings, citations & reference page. no cover page. 5 secondary sources and 3 primary sources. 

​My research project proposal is to research the man, Su Buqing. This man is considered a late imperial Chinese mathematician. His lifetime spans from 1902 -2003 which is within the guidelines of being after the 1800’s. I plan to research his life for a basis of knowledge. To find out maybe the reasonings or where the desire he had to be a mathematician came from. My main point of research will be about him being a mathematician and everything that he accomplished as a mathematician. Through my brief glancing through some articles so far, I have found already that he is considered the founder of differential geometry. Differential geometry is a mathematical concept that uses techniques from calculus and algebra to study problems in geometry.

​I will start by laying out the timeline of his accomplishments, everything he did throughout his lifetime. Then I plan to go in depth into his progression through mathematics and all the concepts, papers, proofs, etc. that he was a large contributor on. I would also like to research and have a large portion of the research paper be about his contribution to the development of mathematics within China. How he specifically helped China progress throughout the years in relation to mathematics. 

The Life of Su Buqing

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