The Purpose of Education Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Education plays a fundamental role in establishing and shaping a progressive society. The continuous process facilitates the transfer and acquisition of knowledge from one generation to another, innovation, and advances society by equipping all members with the capacity to address contemporary issues. As such, contemporary education is tailored to address all students, regards of capacities and abilities, and work towards promoting development and competitiveness, enhancing positive independence, and ultimately enhancing the quality of life. Despite changes in society, education continues to influence advancement and progress among communities by providing knowledge and learning that enriches these communities culturally, spiritually, morally, and physically. Hence, the meaning and purpose of education in the 21st century narrows down to personalization, collaboration, communication, equality, relationships, lifelong learning, and the skills necessary in the transforming global community coupled with individualized plans and accessibility to all populations (Cantor, 2021). The current education system focuses on academic achievement, social mobility, character development, social cohesion, and social equality but accounts for individual differences in learning abilities and capacities.(The Purpose of Education Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

The Purpose of Education Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Personal Vision

Special-needs education educates students by offering accommodations that consider individual differences, special needs, and disabilities. It is crucial for students with special needs or learning disabilities as it creates an opportunity to acquire quality education that accommodates their unique needs. Special education allows the students to acquire independence and attain their full potential (LeDoux et al., 2015). Applying standard-based instruction to meet the needs of students with special needs is critical as it ensures teaching strategies accommodate every student’s needs, students learn what is essential, and the strategies improve academic performance (Frechette, 2017). My learning strategies will mitigate the difficulties that keep special needs students from understanding course concepts. I will adopt three special education interventions: preventive, remedial, and compensatory interventions. Preventive interventions will help stop or reduce conditions or complications students are predisposed to or vulnerable to. For instance, I can adopt a specific schedule to prevent manic episodes among students with bipolar disorder. The primary purpose of applying remedial interventions is to eliminate any impacts of a student’s disability by equipping them with skills allowing them to function successfully. For instance, establishing an entry point into activities would improve task initiation levels in students with ADHD. Compensatory interventions would include special devices like phonetic spelling software for students with autism to help them write.(The Purpose of Education Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Teaching students with special needs requires leading them to upcoming lessons. Before every lesson, I will discuss and develop learning expectations, letting the students know what they are expected to learn and the activities they will engage in. I will also discuss and develop behavioral expectations that inform all students of their expected behavior. Special needs students also require a schedule summarizing the lesson plan and the materials needed during the lesson. I will ensure to conduct effective lessons and begin by reviewing the previous lesson, helping the student participate, helping them focus, checking their performance, and offering follow-up directions. I will incorporate tools such as the A Positive Action committee handbook, surveys, calendars, behavior management forms, and letters to parents to keep all students engaged and organized during every lesson.(The Purpose of Education Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Ethical Frameworks and Professional Ethical Standards

Various ethical principles and standards will guide my professional practice to respect the diverse features and characteristics of students with special needs and their families. I will be committed to upholding and advancing these ethical principles and professional standards. I will maintain challenging expectations for my students to ensure the highest possible learning results and quality of life in a manner that considers their dignity, language, culture, and background. I will ensure a high level of professional competence and integrity and exercise professional judgment to all students and families. The principles also require me to facilitate all students’ meaningful and inclusive participation in schools and communities (Council for Exceptional Children, 2021). I will practice collegially with other service providers, develop relationships with families founded on mutual respect, and actively participate in educational decision-making. I will protect my students’ physical and psychological safety and neither engage nor tolerate practices that can cause harm. The principles also require me as an educator to practice within my professional ethics, standards, and policies and uphold the laws, regulations, and policies that guide my practice. Additionally, I will advocate for professional conditions and resources that enhance my student’s learning outcomes.(The Purpose of Education Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)


Effective and competent teachers have an in-depth understanding of their students’ cultural, ethnic, gender, and learning differences. There are a lot of helpful resources teachers can access to familiarize themselves with these aspects. Resources that promote culturally responsive teaching include Teaching Tolerance resources that offer lessons on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender equality (Davis, 2016). (The Purpose of Education Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)Awareness Activities is also a resource with plenty of ideas and introducing teachers to diversity. Teaching Diverse Learners, Teaching for Change, and Resource Library that includes an inclusive schools network are also resources that address topics on diversity, providing tips and strategies for dealing with students from diverse backgrounds. Educators can also access books, journals, and other publications like Equity for English-Language Learners by Rusul Alrubail (2016), Teaching Toward Consciousness by Joshua Block (2016), Equity vs. Equality: 6 Steps Toward Equity by Shane Safir (2016), and Social Justice Projects in the Classroom by Michael Hernandez (2016) that help deepen understanding of culturally responsive teaching (Davis, 2016). These resources will help me bring many insights and thoughts into my classroom to enhance discussion and learning opportunities among my students. (The Purpose of Education Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

The Purpose of Education Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Professional Activities for Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning refers to education beyond school, mainly voluntary, and requires a high level of self-motivation. The primary aim of lifelong learning is improving personal and professional development (Demirel & Akkoyunlu, 2017). There are various ways educators can continue their education either formally by taking a course or in less formal settings that facilitate personal development. I can continue adding knowledge through professional activities for lifelong learning such as internships and apprenticeships, vocational courses, learning new languages, studying a new subject, learning about new technologies and how to use them, and adding new skills, knowledge, and behavior in the working environment. Undertaking educational programs and new courses for lifelong learning can help teachers gain a new qualification, add transferable skills, fill a skills gap, deepen their knowledge, and gain personal and professional satisfaction.  (The Purpose of Education Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)


Education is critical for personal and community progress and a fundamental transformation tool. Working with special needs students requires a high level of competence to meet their needs. Applying standards-based instruction would help me ensure students learn what is relevant to improve their academic performance. Teachers can effectively engage with special needs students and meet their personal and learning needs by developing teaching strategies that align with ethical frameworks and professional standards. Lifelong learning is necessary for the 21st century for personal and professional development.(The Purpose of Education Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)


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The Purpose of Education Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

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