What does Noddings say about women’s feelings about the death of the body?

What does Noddings say about women’s feelings about the death of the body? (Points : 1)

Women, more than anyone, just want to know that the soul of their child has gone to heaven

Women know the preciousness of the body because they create them and care for them

Women are happy not to have to deal with the messiness of dead bodies

Men tend to be more sensitive to the death of the body since they are the ones that have to risk their own lives in war

Question 5. 5. Feminist ethics is based around which of the following ideas (Points : 1)

That abstract universal principles can be applied to most situations to find the best action.

That maximizing something like happiness or pleasure is the best way to guide action.

That emotions can be cultivated and ought to be taken into account in ethical theory.

That all humans are autonomous individuals who battle for resources.

Question 6. 6. This is the name of being aware of one’s appearance in relation to position, light, who is watching, etc. (Points : 1)

habitual body monitoring




Question 7. 7. What, according to Noddings, do male philosophers tend to say about death (as opposed to women)? (Points : 1)

Men are more brave in the face of death than women because of their natural courageousness

Death tends to be harder on men due to their attachments to the glory of this world

Women are more able to allow their faith in the afterlife overcome their aversion to death

Male philosophers often talk as though the world or reason and abstraction is superior to the physical world of the body

Question 8. 8. According to Held, the following have been aligned with femininity in the history of Western thought (Points : 1)




all of the above

Question 9. 9. According to Colin Stokes, in this film all the heroic, wise, and villainous characters are female (Points : 1)

The Little Mermaid

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