Part 1. Discuss

Why should an organization be concerned with defining its future direction? Identify and discuss at least one element of the strategic-planning process that is essential in carrying out this task of planning for the future.

Part 2. Analyze the external environment

Select a health care provider organization in the local community (or nationally), preferably a hospital, a physician group practice, or even a nursing home chain. Conduct an external environmental assessment for the organization along the lines described in chapter 5 of your textbook.  You can get this information from the company’s Web site, other Web sites, journal articles, and other sources. Be sure to cover all the basic categories of environmental factors. Draw a diagram showing the environmental forces you have identified and the interrelationships among them and with the organization.
For this assignment, your report should be at least four pages in length, in current APA edition format and should include the following information:

The steps to externally evaluate the firm
Description of two environmental forces that may have some impact – positive or negative – on the organization or business.
Create a strategic group map showing the interrelationship between the environmental forces and the organization
Description of two critical issues specific to the organization, its industry and its customers.

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