Discussion on Course Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Psychiatric and mental healthcare is a nursing specialty for graduate nursing students seeking a career, professional, and personal development in the nursing field. However, the abstract and complex nature of much of the stipulated course contents makes many nursing students find it challenging. In light of these challenges, there is a need for trained PMHNPs who are conversant with sound mental health principles, which prompted me to enroll in the current course Psychiatric Mental Healthcare II at Herzing University. The module and course requirements are tailored to present all enrollees like me with the necessary practical experience. I believe this is a good career move since the prevalence of issues on mental health continues to rise every day. Yet, only 1% of healthcare professionals work in the psychiatric and mental healthcare field (Hermanns & Haas, 2016).(Discussion on Course Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Discussion on Course Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Psychiatric and mental health care interventions history document bizarre and inhumane practices that practitioners have performed on mentally ill patients giving rise to several professional, social, and ethical issues. Before my enrollment in this course, most of these interventions appeared quite normal to me since my thought process was premised on the beliefs and knowledge I have held to be necessary. However, I must credit the 673-course objectives and the following activities for highlighting the purpose of mental health nursing education: to produce PMHNPs who can work in various settings and support and treat individuals diagnosed with mental illnesses. A PMHNP can promote mental health by nurturing good relationships with their clients and encouraging healthy behaviors while recognizing and treating symptoms at the earliest opportunity. I must admit that I believe the seven objectives of this course have been successfully achieved. Most of my class peers would echo these sentiments, gauging from the fruitful discussions, assignments, quizzes, and course reading.(Discussion on Course Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

The first objective is for learners to demonstrate the application of knowledge of both acute and chronic psychiatric and mental health disorders by utilizing the current edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental disorders diagnostic criteria. The PMHNP can then assess, diagnose, and manage patient populations of all ages, focusing on the vulnerable populations who have a higher than average risk of developing mental disorders. This objective was weaved into all units of the coursework except Unit 1, whose topic and assigned readings focused on Equality in psychiatric mental health. I believe that mental health disorders emanate from social causes that include an individual’s day-to-day problems, death of a loved one, traumatic experiences, especially in childhood, and other factors like unemployment, divorce amongst others (Colizzi et al., 2020). Be that as it may, Unit 1 was a pivot in achieving other course objectives like examining, evaluating, and exhibiting professional development in their role as nurse practitioners by appropriately diagnosing and managing health and wellness across lifespan and within the context of interprofessional collaboration. Other course objectives supported are objectives 5, 6, and 7. Put briefly, there is a need for mental health PMHNPs to understand that mental illness patients should not be stigmatized.(Discussion on Course Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

            Stigmatization of patients suffering from psychiatric and mental disorders has a long history in the whole world, and I have personally witnessed this in my community of origin as mental health issues remain underreported or unreported as those in context fear the stigma that ensues, are unaware, experience social bias, fear rejection, and want to avoid embarrassment. I have learned to incorporate complete health assessment, interview, history, and physical exam through SOAP note-taking. Additionally, other topics in the course units have supported me in merging traditional and complementary medication and non-medication interventions to successfully treat and manage mental health disorders through a patient-focused approach. The topics instrumental to these tasks are Psychiatric Assessment and documentation for special populations, childhood trauma and maltreatment, and psychoses in children. Suffice it to say that these and other units have significantly impacted individuals’ perception of mental health issues, leading to positive changes in their attitudes and their intentions in seeking medical interventions.(Discussion on Course Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Through the assigned readings and weekly discussions reinforces activities on journal reflection, mid-term exam, SOAP note-taking, quizzes, and the final exam, I am now a changed professional as my knowledge, attitude, and thinking have changed for the better. Most importantly, mental illness issues should be divorced from the criminal justice system as what they need first and foremost is medical attention (Single Gonzalez et al., 2014). I have found the course units informative and spot-on, considering that all the seven-course objectives are integrated into each unit except units 1 and 2. I believe that my current understanding of issues on mental health will positively impact my nursing practice. In hindsight, I am now aware that the things I used to ignore, either knowingly or unknowingly, will be eradicated (Marangu et al.., 2021). I have also resolved to offer patient-focused mental health care that is also culturally sensitive at all times.(Discussion on Course Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Despite these successes in this course, I must also acknowledge some challenges. For example, I have faced several issues and challenges in the research process, although I always managed to finish my coursework within the set time frame. I also had difficulties grasping and interpreting the subject and research context, but this problem was resolved towards the last units of the course.(Discussion on Course Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

In conclusion, an excellent practitioner-patient relationship is of paramount importance as it is the basis upon which human interconnection is founded. The trained PMHNP should remember that mental health nursing demands clinical knowledge and experience besides interpersonal skills. Combining all these factors means there is no need for a PMHNP to coerce and force patients to get medical treatment. Still, one should be prepared to recommend involuntary hospitalization for patients at risk with the utmost respect to their safety, privacy, and confidentiality.(Discussion on Course Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Discussion on Course Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example


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Discussion on Course Reflection Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

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