Leadership Profile Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example

Effective leadership is critical in strengthening the integration of high-quality and safe patient care (Broome & Marshall, 2021). Additionally, influential leaders can influence other nurses positively by leading by example (Duggan et al., 2015). In this regard, the standards they set for the staff they also set for themselves promote positive patient outcomes and experiences and a positive work environment. Based on Gallup’s strengthsfinder assessment, my top five teams were connectedness, individualization, futuristic, learner, and strategic.(Leadership Profile Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

Leadership Profile Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example

First, connectedness involves believing there are links among people regardless of their demographic and economic differences. In this regard, I tend to believe that there is a reason behind every event and link together facts, incidences, conversations, and available resources to understand how I achieved a specific goal I had set for myself. Additionally, I like learning from people who have faced life’s difficulties with helping in decision-making. I also tend to make it possible for people to work together; I believe working together rather than separately helps achieve more significant results. (Leadership Profile Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

Second, the individualization theme involves understanding how everyone has unique qualities and how they can work together to become more productive. I believe there is something unique and distinct about every person, and it is by combining these strengths that one can build more productive teams. Additionally, I believe everyone is different; therefore, there is a need to meet these individual needs rather than generalizing how these needs should be delivered. This also applies to patients who have different beliefs and values. In this regard, I feel there is a need to deliver personalized care, increasing patient satisfaction and experience while improving their quality of life.(Leadership Profile Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

 Third, the futuristic theme shows that the future inspires me, and I gain satisfaction from having a vision of what I might achieve in the future. Specifically, I like working with visionaries to learn more about innovation and the new ways we can adopt to improve healthcare delivery. Forth, the strategic theme indicates that I can easily create alternative ways to proceed when presented with a given scenario. About the futuristic theme, I like collaborating with future-oriented thinkers to venture beyond what is familiar and obvious. Additionally, I spend most of the time assessing different strategies before taking up a cause of action that I think will have the best outcomes. Lastly, based on the learner theme, I am curious to learn about new ideas and knowledge. I enjoy inventive thinking and activities that demand original ideas in this regard with new knowledge and skills, a better place to improve in certain areas and processes that can improve health care outcomes.(Leadership Profile Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

From this analysis, I believe my core values are connectedness and individualism. Ideally, nurses have different perceptions, values, beliefs, and opinions alongside demographic differences, which might create separation if not addressed effectively. However, separation often causes conflict among these providers, which affects the efficiency of their services. Connectedness involves allowing these differences to motivate better outcomes. In this regard, rather than using these differences to create separation, nurses can come together to give different ideas on how healthcare delivery can be improved and implement the most effective solution to the problem at hand.(Leadership Profile Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

Connectedness is mainly based on the idea that people are not isolated because we all influence each other differently. It involves building teams where everyone can exercise their strength for all. Through this theme, I am a better place to collaborate with other providers to adopt and implement practices that aim to improve patient care.(Leadership Profile Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

Another core value is individualization, where I believe everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, instead of generalizing opportunities within the organization, I would assign duties to nurses based on their strengths to produce the best outcome. Nonetheless, nurses can combine their strengths to achieve better results through collaboration. I would also apply this in healthcare delivery by customizing patient care to include their beliefs and values, which are core to improving patient outcomes.(Leadership Profile Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

Leadership Profile Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example

Second, my two strengths are learner and strategy. My learner skills allow me to gain new knowledge that can help improve health care delivery. In this regard, I am better placed to develop innovative solutions based on the industry trends, which can help improve healthcare outcomes while cutting off costs. Additionally, my strategy skills allow me to assess different alternatives before settling for the most effective solution. In this case, learning allows me to gain ideas on several approaches that I can take to achieve a particular objective. It goes hand-in-hand with strategy skills, as I have to rely on this knowledge to make more informed decisions that will have the best outcome.

However, I have to strengthen individualization and futuristic characteristics. While I believe that everyone is unique, I tend to only take opinions from those I have a vision aligned to mine and despise those with a different approach. Improving this characteristic will allow me to be more inclusive and gather ideas from people with different perspectives, gaining a different approach to healthcare delivery. Additionally, while futurism is pivotal in realizing visions, I tend to be more obsessive with the future than the present. In this case, I am less appreciative of my present accomplishments and always look forward to achieving more in the future. I also tend to demand more from other individuals rather than appreciating what they have accomplished at the time. By improving this characteristic, I will be better placed to motivate myself and those around me by celebrating small wins as I look forward to achieving my visions.(Leadership Profile Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)


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Leadership Profile Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example

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