Personal Leadership Philosophy Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Cummings et al. (2021) highlight that effective leadership is essential in building great organizational cultures and a healthy working environment. While leaders can reinforce values and simultaneously hold people accountable, their influence can be positive or negative based on their execution strategy and leadership style. In this regard, competent nurse leaders can help improve the workplace environment by providing a better work-life balance and opportunities for growth that translates to greater retention rates and overall employee satisfaction.(Personal Leadership Philosophy Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Personal Leadership Philosophy Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

According to Murray et al. (2018), a healthy work environment is the foundation of an organization and involves meaningful work, well-being, appreciation, and connection. First, while employees spend most of their time at work, a healthy work environment allows them to have a deep and personal connection to the job while having opportunities and motivation to deliver the best outcomes.  In this regard, the environment will enable them to stay engaged and contribute in an impactful way, contributing to improved health outcomes.(Personal Leadership Philosophy Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Second, effective leaders appreciate their employees by celebrating their achievements and career milestones. As a result, these employees feel more valued, which increases their retention rates. Third, effective leaders influence a healthy working environment by promoting nurses’ emotional and social wellness, creating a sense of community (Murray et al., 2018). So forth, these leaders foster a sense of connection through collaboration where employees can feel connected to the organization and share their experiences while working together to achieve the organization’s objectives. The connection has effectively produced a solution and burnout at work, promoting a sense of belonging and purpose at work (Murray et al., 2018).(Personal Leadership Philosophy Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

My philosophy on leadership is that a good leader cares about others and brings the best out of them through listening, coaching, and mentoring. In this case, effective leaders coach their subordinates on how they can become better rather than micromanage them. Additionally, these leaders are dynamic in that they adjust based on what is required in a given situation. They also advocate for other individuals and allow them to share their ideas which help in decision-making rather than imposing their own decisions. Nonetheless, these leaders provide growth opportunities, appreciate the employees, and build connections with them to make them feel more included in the organization (Cummings et al., 2021). Also, these leaders should have a sense of purpose to guide their subordinates on what is needed to be achieved and the strategies they should adopt to realize these goals.(Personal Leadership Philosophy Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Core Values 

My core values are connectedness and individualism. I believe that every achievement is a result of an action taken. In this case, to realize the goals of an organization, there is a need to adopt the right strategies aimed at achieving these goals. From another perspective, I believe that there is a need to integrate the different perceptions and values among nurses, which can help in developing more inclusive decisions, achieving better healthcare outcomes. In this regard, rather than seeing the differences as a potential source of conflict or separation, as a leader, I believe there is a need for collaboration because we all influence and impact each other in different ways. As a result, we are a better place to learn from each other, building on our knowledge and skills and developing better strategies to help achieve the organization’s objectives. Specifically, connectedness enhances inclusiveness and collaboration, which are essential in creating a healthy working environment.(Personal Leadership Philosophy Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

            On the other hand, individualization is based on the fact that everyone is unique and has different capabilities that can be of the essence to the organization. In this case, there is a need to identify each health provider’s strengths and maximize the strength to realize the organization’s vision. Understanding the strength of each nurse in the organization allows the leaders to delegate tasks more effectively to achieve better outcomes (Persaud, 2019). Nonetheless, understanding that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses creates space for collaboration, where everyone’s input is considered important to realize the organization’s objectives.

I would also apply this in patient care delivery, where I understand that every patient has their values and beliefs that should be respected. In this case, I would integrate these values into health care delivery by offering patient-centered care to improve health outcomes. Prezerakos (2018) highlights that patient-centered care is essential in improving patient outcomes and experience, which are some of the main primary goals of healthcare. Ideally, individualization is more of identifying an individual’s needs and working towards fulfilling these needs rather than taking a generalized approach.(Personal Leadership Philosophy Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Mission and Vision Statement

Mission- To provide compassionate and quality care to the community through effective practice, leadership, and innovation.

Vision- To provide quality patient care while creating a positive work environment that fosters employee growth and development.(Personal Leadership Philosophy Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Clifton Strengths Assessment

Based on Gallup’s strengthsfinder assessment, my top five teams were connectedness, individualization, futuristic, learner, and strategic. First, connectedness is based on the idea that human beings are one regardless of their backgrounds. In this case, I believe that these differences are essential in realizing the most significant results in an organization rather than creating separation. Additionally, I believe that there’s a reason behind every event and link together incidences, facts, and conversations to understand how a specific goal was achieved, which can help me identify better approaches to achieving my future goals. Second, individualization involves understanding that everyone is unique, and it is by working together that people can become more productive. Nonetheless, there is a need to identify everyone’s values and beliefs and implement policies that respect these differences.(Personal Leadership Philosophy Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Third, the futuristic theme indicates that I am more inspired by having a vision of what I want to achieve in the future. I find what is present less appealing and like working with visionaries to learn more innovative approaches to address problems. Fourth, I am curious to learn new ideas and acquire new knowledge that can help me improve the current processes to realize more effective health outcomes. Lastly, I am strategic in that I assess the different alternatives to a problem before adopting the most suitable solution that will help to solve the problem at hand.(Personal Leadership Philosophy Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Personal Leadership Philosophy Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Key behaviors to Strengthen

I need to strengthen my individualization and futuristic behaviors. In this case, I tend to consider opinions from people who have the same vision as mine. However, I believe considering opinions from people with different perspectives will help me gain a different approach to a problem that provides alternative solutions. Second, I tend to be more future-oriented and less appreciative of what I have accomplished in the present. As a leader, it is vital to take note of the small wins and motivate other employees to achieve bigger goals. Through appreciating the milestones taken, one feels motivated to pursue long-term objectives. Therefore, improving on this behavior will help me have a clearer picture of the milestones I have made while looking forward to achieving my vision.(Personal Leadership Philosophy Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Development Plan

I plan to improve individualization by listening to other people’s opinions with an open mind, even if I disagree. I also plan to appreciate diversity and find common ground to help me understand their approach to the problem (Rosser et al., 2020). As a result, I will assess the different opinions given and adopt the most effective strategy to help achieve the goal. Additionally, I plan on appreciating small wins by breaking down larger goals into smaller, manageable goals. In this case, I will focus less on the bigger picture and more on the short-term goals, which will help to achieve the long-term objectives. Nonetheless, I will track progress on how far I am with achieving my vision and reward myself and others for each step taken.(Personal Leadership Philosophy Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)


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Personal Leadership Philosophy Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

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