Use the following information to complete Rhonda Hi Show more Required: (PREPARE SCHEDULE A & SCHEDULE B ONLY) Use the following information to complete Rhonda Hills 2013 federal income tax return. If information is missing use reasonable assumptions to fill in the gaps. The forms schedules and instructions can be found at the IRS website ( The instructions can be helpful in completing the forms. Facts: Page C-5 Rhonda Hill (unmarried) is employed as an office manager at the main office of Carter and Associates CPA firm. Rhonda lives in a home she purchased 20 years ago. Rhondas older cousin Mabel Wright lives with Rhonda in the home. Mabel is retired and receives $2400 of Social Security payments each year. Mabel is able to save this money because Rhonda provides all of Mabels support. Rhonda also provided the following information: Rhonda does not want to contribute to the presidential election campaign. Rhonda lives at 1234 Blue Ridge Way Tulsa OK 74101. Rhondas birthday is 12/18/1948 and her Social Security number is 335-67-8910. Mabels birthday is 11/2/1940 and her Social Security number is 566-77-8899. Rhonda does not have any foreign bank accounts or trusts. Rhonda received a Form W-2 from Carter and Associates (her employer) that contained the following information: Line 1 Wages tips other compensation: $72000 Line 2 Federal income tax withheld: 9300 Line 3 Social Security wages: 72000 Line 4 Social Security tax withheld: 4464 Line 5 Medicare wages and tips: 72000 Line 6 Medicare tax withheld: 1044 Line 16 State wages tips etc.: 72000 Line 17 State income tax: 2700 Carter and Associates address is 1234 CPA Way Tulsa OK 74101; its FEIN is 91:0001002; and its State ID number is 123456678 Rhonda received $250 in interest from Tulsa City bonds $120 interest from IBM bonds and $15 from her savings account at UCU Credit Union. She also received a $460 dividend from Huggies Company and $500 from Bicker Corporation. Both dividends are qualified dividends. Rhonda sold 200 shares of DM stock for $18 a share on June 15 2013. She purchased the stock on December 12 2008 for $10 a share. She also sold 50 shares of RSA stock for $15 a share on October 2 2013. She purchased the stock for $65 a share on February 2 2013. Stock basis amounts have been reported to the IRS. The following is a record of the medical expense that Rhonda paid for herself during the year. The amounts reported are amounts she paid in excess of insurance reimbursements. Rhonda drove 210 miles for medical purposes in 2013. Insurance premiums $3700 Prescription medications 100 Over-the-counter medications 250 Doctor and dentist visits 1450 Eyeglasses 300 Physical therapy 200 Rhonda paid $2800 in mortgage interest during the year to UCU credit union (reported to her on Form 1098). She also paid $1200 in real property taxes during the year. Rhonda contributed $2350 to Heavenly Church during the year. Heavenly Churchs address is 1342 Religion Way Tulsa OK 74101. Show less

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