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(Therapy Modality Focus Points)

Therapy Modality Focus Points

Therapy Modality: Solutions Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

Creator:  Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg, both American psychotherapists.

Therapy used for what DSM5 Diagnoses: SFBT is used to treat substance-related and addictive disorders such as alcohol and trauma-related disorders such as losing a loved one (Kim, Brook, & Akin, 2018).(Therapy Modality Focus Points)

Emphasis of Therapy Modality: SFBT is a goal-oriented therapy focused on an individual’s present and future statuses and associated goals. In this regard, the modality recognizes individual understanding of the change they need in life.

Goals of Therapy Modality: The primary goal of SFBT is to create and implement a solution to a client’s circumstances to minimize therapy sessions, struggling, or suffering.  The physiotherapists encourage clients to imagine a desirable circumstance and establish appropriate measures to help them achieve this status by recognizing the client’s abilities and guiding their exploration of strategies.(Therapy Modality Focus Points)


  • SFBT modality is founded on the notion that despite clientele knowledge of their abilities to achieve the desired state, they help establish and mold these skills.
  • SFBT involves establishing a client’s future followed by determining how their abilities can help them achieve the outcome through enhancement.

Therapy Modality: Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Creator: Marsha Linehan, an American psychologist.(Therapy Modality Focus Points) has the top and most qualified writers to help with any of your assignments. All you need to do is place an order with us.Therapy Modality Focus Points

Therapy used for DSM5 Diagnoses: DBT can treat borderline personality disorders, substance use disorders, and bipolar disorders (May et al., 2016; Axelrod, 2019; Eisner et al., 2017).(Therapy Modality Focus Points)

Emphasis of Therapy Modality: DBT modality is a behavioral therapy that emphasizes identification and change of thought patterns from negative to positive. In this regard, DBT emphasizes mindfulness that helps individuals slow down negative thoughts and focus their energy on adopting healthy coping skills. Therefore, DBT embraces the ends of therapy, i.e., acceptance and change.(Therapy Modality Focus Points)

Goals of Therapy Modality: The goals of DBT include teaching individuals to live in the present, adopt healthy stress-coping mechanisms, manage emotions, and enhance social relationships.(Therapy Modality Focus Points)

(Therapy Modality Focus Points)


  • Mindfulness enhances calmness and prevents individuals from self-destructive thoughts and impulsive behavior.
  • DBT contributes to interpersonal skills and stress tolerance that guides assertiveness and individual acceptance, respectively.


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