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Unit 2 Assignment

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Unit 2 Assignment.

For this Assignment, you will take the perspective of a director of a regional Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) office. The national EPA Office of Environmental Information (OEI) has tasked all regional directors to identify an environmental hazard in your community.

For this contaminant, write a short summary of the hazard (2–3 pages) to submit to EPA OEI. In this report, please discuss the human health effects of exposure, the sources of the hazard into the environment, and the route of human exposure. Specify whether the hazard is chemical, physical, or biological and whether this affects occupational health, the general public, or both. Provide at least one suggestion on how to reduce the environmental hazard in your community.

Unit 2 Assignment

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Unit 2 Assignment.

View an introduction to the Assignment here. Be sure to adjust your audio settings.

Unit 2 Assignment Instructions

Throughout this course, you will explore a health issue from the theoretical perspectives on health behavior. For this unit’s Assignment, identify a health issue associated with health behavior and find three peer-reviewed sources that (1) utilize a health behavior theory to examine the health behavior you selected and

(2) were published in a refereed journal within the last 10 years.

Begin this Assignment with a 1-paragraph summary of your chosen health issue. Next, provide an annotated bibliography based upon these three sources. For each source in your annotated bibliography, you will write 2 paragraphs. The first paragraph will be to summarize the information in your own words. In the second paragraph, you will analyze/critique the source by examining strengths and weaknesses specific to application of the behavior theory. You may answer questions such as the following: What did the study do particularly well? What areas were not addressed adequately?

In this Assignment, you may select health behavior theories that are presented in future units within this course, as well as health behavior theories that are not presented in this course. The health behavior theories explored on your chosen health issue in this unit will serve as the basis for future assignments.

*Download the template for this Assignment.

Please be sure to utilize the information provided in APA Style Central located in Academic Tools to assist you with meeting APA expectations for written assignment.

Unit 2 Assignment