Promoting Health Communities Windshield Survey: A Comprehensive Essay for Nursing Students

(Promoting Health Communities Windshield Survey)

Review Section 21. Windshield and Walking Surveys from Community Tool Box (Promoting Health Communities Windshield Survey)

Review the Scorecard example provided in Section 18. Creating and Using Community Report Cards from Community Tool Box.

Review the Windshield Survey Resources activity in this week,which includes data analysis and plan/implementation activities to improve population health; this has been designed to apply course content in a practice setting.(Promoting Health Communities Windshield Survey)

Observe your family’s community by driving around the area. Consider aspects of the community that could affect residents’ health and any Healthy People 2020 Leading Health Indicators that may be applicable to the community.

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Conduct your own Windshield Survey. Be sure to include the following components: 

  • The age, nature, and condition of the community’s available housing
  • Infrastructure needs (Promoting Health Communities Windshield Survey)
  • Roads, bridges, streetlights, etc.
  • The presence or absence of functioning businesses and industrial facilities
  • The location, condition, and use of public spaces
  • The amount of activity on the streets at various times of the day, week, or year
  • The noise level in various parts of the community
  • The amount and movement of traffic at various times of day
  • The location and condition of public buildings
  • The city or town hall, courthouse, etc.
  • Walkability of community(Promoting Health Communities Windshield Survey)

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  • Are there walking paths/biking paths/safety?
  • What is the proximity for walkability to community resources?
  • Availability of public transportation
  • It’s cost?
  • It’s accessibility?
  • Availability of community centers and public spaces, such as social service centers, public libraries, parks, churches, community centers, recreation centers
  • Availability of health care facilities and resources, such as clinics and hospitals
  • How many are there?
  • Food options available and presence of nutrition
  • Does the area have characteristics of food deserts?
  • Are there grocery stores?
  • The presence of homelessness
  • Is there a homeless population?
  • Are there homeless services?
  • Police/Fire presence
  • Schools in the area
  • What is the location and physical condition of the schools? Promoting Health Communities Windshield Survey

As you compile your Windshield Survey data, be sure to include:

  • Data overview of all community components as identified in the Community Tool Box Resource
  • Strengths of community as evidenced by Windshield Survey
  • Weaknesses (gaps in service) as evidenced by Windshield Survey
  • 1 problem based on the identified gap in community resources as an indicator of potential poor health outcomes

Compile all your information into the Windshield Survey Template and complete the Data Summary questions at the end. (A Table is provided in the template, but you can create your own table in the document to display your information.)

Note: Remove all personally identifying information such as the family members’ names. Refer to family members by initials only

Windshield Survey logo

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Promoting Health Communities Windshield Survey

Windshield Survey Example

Data Overview

HousingMiami, Fl has a few new fancy buildings, with new buildings still being constructed. The region incorporates both ancient and modern buildings. The houses are spacious and coherently erected. The region has buildings matching up with technological advancements.(Promoting Health Communities Windshield Survey)There is a housing bubble in Florida. There is a great deficiency between the houses for the poor and the rich. The continuous development of houses promises congestion in the region. There are a lot of people living in low income housing.
Infrastructure in FloridaThe region has impressive sites such as the beaches and attractions such like Disney World. Modern transportation through well-constructed roads and bus ways. Miami, Fl has numerous impressive schools such as Florida International University and University of Miami.There is an outdated water system. The building boom in the region outlines possible congestion in the region and thus limiting the infrastructure.
Businesses and Industrial FacilitiesMiami has numerous businesses ranging from back-alley restaurants to huge manufacturing firms. The region also exercises farming. The region has many medical hospitals and thus outlining sources of work.Many businesses stimulate pollution environmental unsustainability. There are a lot of jobless people in the region. Industries slowly stimulating the end of farming.
Public BuildingsThere are numerous public buildings in Miami: In downtown Miami there is a building called the freedom tower. It is used as a contemporary art museum and an office for certain disciplines at a certain college. The public buildings have a historical aspect about them, thereby stimulating the spread of the culture of the region. The museums further outline the attractiveness of the region.Most public buildings are ancient and thus might be outdated with time. The aspect of modernity necessitates new developments.
Low Noise LevelsThe region limited noises further away from the city. The region closer to the south side of Miami has diverse businesses such as farming, which maintains the noise at a minimum.There are high noise levels near the downtown and Brickell areas. There are noises from the airports in the region such as the Miami International Airport.
High traffic during rush hourThe movement of traffic is fast during most times of the day.(Promoting Health Communities Windshield Survey)The traffic jam is extensive during rush hour — notably, there a huge jam in the rush hour through numerous roads such as Florida’s turnpike and Palmetto expressway.
Low Cost of LivingMiami has diverse types of housing, thus making it affordable to diverse people. The region also has different types of businesses making it easy to get either white-collar or blue-collar jobs.The high population presents risks in job opportunities. There is a high rate of poverty in the region. The economic boom of the region promises an increase in the cost of living.
Ease of AccessibilityMiami has an impressive transportation system. The city has a metro-rail which links major cities and streets. People pay for fare through cash and credit cards, making it easy for people to tour the region. The region has efficient roads.The availability of numerous cars causes traffic jams on major roads and highways.
Availability of Public TransportationThe region has local, and neighborhood buses. The region has a train which people can use for transportation. The transport fee is minimal.A lot of people opt for private transportation, or use of their own vehicles, thereby stimulating pollution and traffic jams.
Ease of Accessibility of Community ResourcesThe region has numerous community resources such as schools and hospitals. People can easily access resources depending on their location. People in the city can easily get access to public resources.Miami is big and thus, people will often travel by other means of transport rather than walking to get to community resources. People in urban areas may find it hard to walk to libraries or museums.
Availability of Healthcare FacilitiesThe region has numerous hospitals and healthcare facilities such as Baptist Hospital, which plays a lot of emphasis on treating cancer. The region also has quality hospitals such as Cleveland Clinic Florida.The region encounters some limitations due to nursing shortages. The region has many hospitals, but they are unevenly distributed and are understaffed.
High Population of Homeless peopleThe region has a few shelters for the homeless population.There is a high level of homelessness in the region. A lot of people live in the streets sleeping by the sidewalk and under bridges
Food Options Available and PresentThe region has diverse types of foods ranging from fast foods to traditional cuisines. Different hotels offer unique food and drink options.The availability of numerous fast-food joints threatens the consumption of a balanced and nutritious meal.
Availability of Grocery StoresThe region has numerous grocery stores. The availability makes it easier for people to prepare nutritious meals.There is the risk of purchasing modified groceries and thus reducing quality.
Police DepartmentThe Miami Dade Police Department tours the region constantly. The police offer security initiatives and help maintain peace in the region. The traffic police also help reduce or regulate the traffic 
Schools in the AreaThe region has numerous schools in different districts.The tuition fee can limit the less fortunate from pursuing their education in private schools.

Data Summary

Please summarize your data by responding to the following: 

  1. Describe the strengths of the community, as evidenced by Windshield Survey. 

The region outlines a unique and essential collaboration of premodernity and modernity. Notably, the region incorporates diverse businesses and industries. Importantly, it prioritizes the needs of the people by coming up with essential and effective infrastructures. Therefore, the primary strengths of the community include means of transport, infrastructures such as schools and healthcare, and availability of essential public spaces such as libraries and museums. Notably, the latter outlines the cultural heritage of the region while celebrating aspects of diversity. The survey shows a region benefitting from the growth in the contemporary world leading to the development of new businesses and industries, which may instigate progress.

  • Describe the weaknesses (gaps in service), as evidenced by the Windshield Survey.

The Windshield Survey outlines some key weaknesses in the region ranging from the limitation of high traffic, especially in rush hours to the uneven distribution of key public resources. Notably, the region is continually growing and thus, the high population growth is stimulating a decline in the number of jobs and thus increasing the rate of unemployment. Notably, there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor with the rich living in fancy buildings while the poor try to survive in low-income housing. Additionally, there is a high rate of homelessness in Miami. The homeless people in Florida live in harsh conditions while the moves to close down modern shelter is further worsening the situation. Notably, the high homeless population and the harsh living conditions can stimulate poor health outcomes.

  • Identify 1 problembased on the identified gap in community resources as an indicator of potential poor health outcomes

The vast population of homeless people living in the streets presents the development of harsh living conditions as they lack the basic needs, eat unhealthy foods, and pollute the environment. Notably, the harsh living conditions can stimulate the attainment of diseases due to lack of clean water or proper food.

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